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Safeguard your bike with this versatile protector designed for BMX, PROXL, PRO, EXP, JUNIOR, and MINI frames. Whether you’re traveling by plane, car, or storing at home, Okendo ensures ultimate security. Includes frame, fork, and handlebar protection, plus a handy tool bag. Backed by a 3-month craftsmanship warranty.

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Introducing the Okendo Travel Pad: Your BMX’s Ultimate Protector On the Go!

Are you a passionate BMX enthusiast? Look no further than the Okendo Travel Pad to ensure your bike stays safe wherever your adventures take you! This versatile protector accommodates a wide range of sizes and frames, including BMX, PROXL, PRO, EXP, JUNIOR, and MINI.

Designed with both safety and convenience in mind, the Okendo Travel Pad is your ticket to peace of mind during plane rides, car trips, bus journeys, or even when secured on your own bike rack. Additionally, it provides a reliable solution for keeping your bikes secure at home, be it in your living room, utility room, or warehouse.

The Travel Pad Includes:

– 1 Frame Protector: Offers robust and dependable defense for your BMX frame, keeping it shielded from scratches and impacts.

– 1 Fork Protector: Ensures the integrity of your bike’s fork, safeguarding this vital component from potential harm.

– 1 Handlebar Fitment: Keeps your handlebar securely in place during transit, preventing any unwanted movements.

– 1 Tool Bag: A convenient pouch that grants you easy access to essential tools for your BMX’s maintenance and adjustments.

3-Month Craftsmanship Warranty:

We’re so confident in the quality and durability of our Okendo Travel Pad that we offer a 3-month craftsmanship warranty. You can trust that this protector is built to last and keep your BMX in prime condition.

Don’t compromise on your bike’s safety! Get the Okendo Travel Pad today and gear up for your adventures with complete peace of mind.

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